What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships, and Love

Dr. Herb Goldberg is one of America’s best-selling authors and acknowledged experts on men, women, and relationships. For a twenty-year period, Dr. Goldberg’s bestselling books such as The Hazards of Being Male, The Inner Male and What Men Really Want provided guidance to the confused, wary, overwhelmed and frozen; his books broke new ground in the 1980’s and 90’s and were million-selling books in America, with highly successful editions in places such as Germany, Japan, China, France, England, and Scandinavian countries. He returns to writing in order to address the critical relationship concerns for contemporary men and their female partners. Dr. Goldberg was one of the first to write about the psychology of men and now his new book has rekindled the many “I just don’t get it” aspects of men’s contemporary experiences with women. Filled with illuminating case histories, concrete guidelines and sound advice, it is this book, What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships and Love, that may save the personal lives of millions of men and women who continuously fall into the same traps. As a therapist, researcher, and advocate, Goldberg returns to writing from decades in private practice and teaching at California State University, Los Angeles where he is currently an Emeritus Professor of Psychology. Goldberg has appeared on Oprah twice, a week on Good Morning America, and was a regular guest on the Phil Donahue Show (which included a ground-breaking two time in one week appearance in which Donahue recruited an all-male audience).

According to Goldberg, “It is crunch time for men today. Divorce battles, custody fights, poisonous interactions, and accusations of abuse and harassment alongside the everyday unhappiness are at an all time high. Men’s personal isolation and dependency on women is greater than ever, while women’s anger, withdrawal from relationships with men, and their defensive sense of being victimized also are at a peak. On every level of contemporary life women are growing and emerging while men are shrinking and failing. Without a significant change in awareness, insight, and commitment, men will become increasingly toxic in their personal connections, and unable to maintain close, personal relationships resulting in painful isolation. Men need information, interpretations and guidance that go beyond superficial advice about love and relationships and the usual lectures about how to treat a woman.”

Goldberg tells us that men need concrete personal maps, not general “how to” ideas that act like a temporary “feel good” pep talk. What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships and Love is a book for all men, and for women, too — since Goldberg explores a woman’s process — the deeper invisible elements that create her experience of relationships, as well as masculine conditioning that produces blind spots, blocks, vulnerabilities in his relationships with women.

Goldberg illuminates why highly romantic beginnings may put relationships on a path toward rage-filled endings like we see in so many celebrity marriages; why the genuinely sexual woman may be a contemporary myth; how fighting custody battles can be a no-win situation for men and why fathers should fight legal battles for child custody in certain cases.

What Men Still Don’t Know is an incredibly important book — a wake-up call from the front lines of Goldberg’s work as a contemporary therapist. Goldberg is determined to set a collective new dialogue, refine and redirect men’s progress, and guide those trying to get themselves on a new course but who are puzzled and overwhelmed. This is exactly what his book sets out to do and accomplishes. Dr. Goldberg once again takes his place as one of the most successful, visionary, accessible, and best selling psychologist authors of all time.


The prolific author of numerous articles in addition to his eight books, Herb Goldberg is an ardent men’s advocate and explorer of the hidden dynamics of gender and relationships and Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. A gifted writer who is passionate that his readers understand the complexity of the deeper, unconscious aspects of human behavior, Dr. Goldberg communicates the excitement of the personal journey. Dr. Goldberg has appeared on numerous talk shows and has been featured in publications such as Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, USA Today, Men’s Health, and Psychology Today. He has been a regular guest on CNN programs, as well as having been interviewed several times in years past by Charlie Rose and Larry King. Radio interviews have numbered in the hundreds. Selections from his books, as well as original articles and interviews have regularly appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Mademoiselle, Psychology Today, Vogue, Women’s Day, Ladies Home Journal, New Woman, McCall’s, Harper’s Bazaar, and Women’s Digest, among others.


You can order your own personal copy of What Men Still Don’t Know by clicking on Barricade Books or on Amazon. You can talk to Dr. Goldberg and receive sound advice, at his site that also features, What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships and Love.


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“The Guru of Male Awareness” — Washington Post

“The Betty Friedan of Men’s Lib” —The New York Newsday

“Goldberg is at his best chopping a path through the jungle of relational power dynamics that hide men and women…The narrative will vividly convey the molasses viscosity of our modern dilemma…guys won’t find a better guide.” —Houston Chronicle

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Dennis E. O’Grady, Psy.D., is a Dayton region communications psychologist, who is always on the lookout for new works that create better relationship communication. Dr. O’Grady’s systematic communication system is not gender-driven, and is set forth in his third book, Talk to Me: Communication Moves To Get Along With Anyone.

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