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About us:

New Insights is dedicated to helping people grow in their communication, personal wellbeing, and happiness.

Our mission:

Teaching hopeful Instigator-Empathizer Communication Tools for fast changing times. 

Our offerings:

Meet Dr. O'Grady

Psychologist Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a veteran 40-year leadership trainer, author, marriage counselor, family business consultant, and president of the Dayton Area Psychological Association. Dr. O’Grady received his doctorate in psychology degree in 1982 from the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. Dennis has developed and delivered numerous interpersonal skills workshops since the 90s, most notably, Dr. O’Grady has personally trained over 496 diverse IQ Leaders of Dayton Freight Lines and developed a communication program for IBM. Dennis is the author of four books/audiobooks: Communicate Like a ProTalk to Me, No Hard Feelings, and Taking the Fear Out of Changing. Dennis is the happy dad of three adult daughters and at 69, Dennis continues to work with couples, individuals, and families at his company, New Insights Communication. For relaxation, Dennis enjoys riding his three-wheeler motorcycle, hiking in the Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, and bicycling on the Miami Valley’s top flight paths.

The Talk Team:

Dr. Dennis O'Grady


40+ years experience in leading workshops and private practice psychotherapy business.  

Ashlee Green

Executive Assistant

Assists in newsletters, billing, and scheduling. Former teacher who has experience in healthcare and education.

Riley O'Grady


 Teacher, coach, and entrepreneur. Riley assists with instructional design, program development, and workshops. 

“Dr. O’Grady, you are a beam of light!” – B.C.

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