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Communicate like a pro

Communicate Like A PRO is written by a psychologist-father and educator-daughter team who specialize in powerful communication solutions for individuals, couples, and businesses. This book is for anyone having trouble communicating with anyone. It’s a relationship problem-solving manual. The TALK2ME© Laws of Effective Communication and PRO Rules transform any relationship impasse into an open avenue of two-way communication. Based on the characteristics of two distinct communicator styles Empathizers and Instigators this book helps you really understand why you react and respond the way you do during conversations, arguments and disagreements, and why others react and respond the way they do, too. Communicate Like A PRO gives you powerful tools to solve long-standing relationship problems and challenging communication obstacles as they play out at home, in your relationships, and at work. Based on twenty years of research and development with 40,000 psychotherapy clients from all walks of life, it comprises critical feedback tools from a series of over 500 leadership training courses for all levels of management to develop a culture rooted in open and honest communication.

Talk to Me: Communication Moves to get along with anyone

TALK TO ME  written as a self help psychology book targeted to address the topic of communication. The book describes a new theory that Dr. Dennis O’Grady has developed and tested. Working with corporate management and sales teams, teaching the theory as a tool to integrate within their business operations as well as utilizing it in his own private counseling base, Dr. O’Grady is putting the theory to work…and so can you! Winner of the 2008 Axiom Business Book Award Silver Medal.

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Discover your inner strengths

Cutting Edge Growth Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts. Everyone has inner strength. For some, it is evident in their leadership style. For others it shows in the unstoppable way they push on to reach their goals. In many, it is manifested in a quiet self-confidence that helps them triumph over the tough times in life. There are many who are perplexed about what “inner strength” really means and specifically how to find it and use it. DISCOVER YOUR INNER STRENGTH is the tool that can help you do just that — discover your inner strength. The authors in this book have been chosen because they are specialists in their fields. They know what it means to dig deep to find their inner strength and achieve the success they now enjoy. 

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Taking the fear out of changing

Guidelines for getting through tough life transitions. TAKING THE FEAR OUT OF CHANGING is an easy-to-read book that gives you step-by-step details on how to constructively navigate through life’s inevitable changes. In this enlightening study, clinical psychologist Dr. Dennis O’Grady offers an inspiring look at our hopes, fears and dreams. By welcoming change, all of us have the power to improve self-esteem, rid ourselves of resentment, break bad habits, improve intimacy with relationships, become more assertive and develop our hidden talents. The surest route to happiness is to grow and change…and this inspiring book will help you take control of the stress of change.

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No hard feelings

Managing Anger and Conflict in your work, family, and love life. NO HARD FEELINGS: Managing Anger and Conflict in Your Work, Family, and Love Life is a 7-session cassette tape series by Dr. Dennis O’Grady provides an excellent self-improvement training program for individuals and small groups who need to build skills in conflict resolution and anger management. This program will give you powerful new tools to manage rejection, resentment, revenge and change. Each tape set includes a useful, printed guide to the program.

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Communication training in clinical practices

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the 4 minute commtool Podcast series

The Four Minute CommTool will teach you how to get along with anyone on the two-way communicator highway in just four minutes a day. Each episode offers new strategies and communication tips, and helps you understand why everyone else on the communication highway is reacting, driving and maneuvering in ways that are different from your style. 

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