The TALK2ME© Communication System

Designed to help people succeed in communication at work and at home.

Unique Features of TALK2ME©

Communication System

TALK2ME© is a Communication System developed by Dr. Dennis O'Grady to foster communication excellence in relationships both in the workplace and at home. TALK2ME© uses the two different communicator types of Instigator and Empathizer to foster feedback, listening, two-way communication, and harmony.


Are you a porcupine? They say you can't compare apples to oranges but why not porcupines to teddy bears? Instigators are less sensitive, genuine, deep thinkers, problem-solving experts, and mood pitchers. Are you an I-Type communicator?

Lightbulb Moments

Turn on the lights! TALK2ME© is easy to understand and always causes a lightbulb moment after initial typecasting. TALK2ME© tools help people communicate effectively during stressful and fast-changing times. TALK2ME© is proven to work in personal relationships and in the workplace.


Are you a teddy bear? We use different metaphors to describe the difference between Instigators and Empathizers such as cats vs. dogs but our favorite has to be porcupines vs. teddy bears. Empathizers are sensitive, empathetic, feel deeply, relationship experts, and mood catchers. Are you an E-Type communicator?

Discover Your TALK2ME© Communicator Type

“I’ve been enlightened…the light bulb came on…Now I know why things weren’t working, and more importantly, what to do to make things better.”
JR Roberts

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