The TALK2ME© Communication System

Features of TALK2ME©

Communication System

TALK2ME© is a Communication System that uses two district types of communication styles to bridge divides and foster better feedback, listening, and harmony.

Instigators (I-Types)

Instigators (I-Types) are genuine, deep thinkers, problem-solving experts, and natural born leaders. Are you an I-Type communicator?

Lightbulb Moments

TALK2ME© is easy to understand and always causes a lightbulb moment after initial typecasting. TALK2ME© helps people communicate during stressful times.

Empathizers (E-Types)

Empathizers (E-Types) are empathetic, deep feelers, relationship experts, and servant leaders. Are you an E-Type communicator?

“I’ve been enlightened…the light bulb came on…Now I know why things weren’t working, and more importantly, what to do to make things better.”
JR Roberts

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