Mom’s and/or Dad’s Sunday Moods


Do women have more bad moods than men do? Depends on who you talk to. In the TALK2ME© world of Empathizer vs. Instigator communicator planets, moods aren’t a female-male thing, or a dad-mom thing, or a parent-teen thing, or a doctor-nurse thing, but a human condition. A cosmic joke told by a higher power, perhaps?

What are mood indicators? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were a color code bar on the shoulder – red for mad, blue for the blues, purple for peaceful – so you could read the mood of another without using words? That’s how the Talk2Me© system can help you serenely drive around congested traffic patterns on the communication highway.


Well, here are real life clues from family members that your mood, whether you’re a dad or a mom, is being spread around like a poison infesting clear communication waters…

·            Not very communicative/talkative

·            Talk is more like a quiz than a conversation

·            Never sure what will set off anger

·            Inappropriate degree/amount of anger; i.e. furious over something minor

·            Misdirection of anger; i.e. handles major things, then blows up at little things

·            Saying something is never enough

·            Having mood meltdowns and making others take a guilt trip

·            Personally experience feelings, or feel “energy field vibrations,” that repel like an electric fence

Do you treat others at work to the best or worst of your mood? When you come home, do you drag a bad mood with you?


In my research, Empathizers were shown to more likely take on the bad moods of others, while Instigators are more likely to incite or spread a bad mood around to others. Either way, your mood is your business to profit by. Bad moods are spread due to close-minded mind trips such as “It’s my way or the highway” or “You must think, feel, do, and say as I do or there will be there will be way too much to pay….”

Dennis O’Grady is a Dayton psychologist, family therapist and couple counselor. New Insights Communication: (937) 428-0724.

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