Benefits Of A Good Mood


Do you worry about everything? Is your inner talk negative? Do you get mad at those closest to you for seemingly no reason? Can’t communicate positively? Do you need tools to boost your mood?

What are the benefits of carrying a good mood to motivate and infuse yourself with the courage to change today?


Pleasures abound for you and the company you keep when you simultaneously work on a good mood and a good attitude…

•   Profits go up

•   Bridges of trust and respect are built and reinforced

•   Communication enables dreams to take flight

•   Morale takes a boost and teamwork soars

•   Your company winds up leading the pack

•   Attitudes create positive action in spite of fear of the unknown

•   Enthusiasm is found in common tasks

•   Professional image is polished with the gold of good deeds done

•   Others’ moods are lifted in optimistic confidence

•   Safety is secured

•   Productivity peaks

•   Customer satisfaction scores rate you as an “A” player

•   Reputation is appreciated

•   Personal values are solid and can’t be bought out for a quick fix

•   Decision-making is seamless

•   You are driving under the influence of a positive attitude

•   You are “On your toes,” and “Your game is right on”

•   Relationships deepen

•   All team members focus like a hawk on the target goal

•   Quality is priceless

•   Opportunity seeks you out

•   Others are connected heart-mind to your mission


Too moody too much of the time? Can’t communicate the way you’d like? Then it’s time to drive down new mood avenues using the TALK2ME© system.


Another book on communication styles is “Talk to Me” by Dr. Dennis O’Grady, a communications psychologist in Dayton, Ohio. He takes the approach that communication styles basically fall into two camps:

1. Instigators (people who think communication is primarily about solving problems and making decisions, making your point of view clear, being decisive and not dwelling on anything…and then moving on), and

2. Empathizers (people who think communication is good for exploring and expressing feelings, understanding everyone’s point of view, connecting, clearing the air…and THEN deciding the best course).

Men and women fall equally into both groups. His theory is that the best communication — at work, at church, in communities, in relationships, with children – occurs when Empathizers understand how Instigators’ communication styles work/manifest themselves, and when Instigators understand how Empathizers’ communication styles play out and manifest themselves.

The book has self-tests and examples of how to learn both communicator styles….

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