The Benefits of Anger

In short, positive anger rights things when they go wrong. Do you believe that there are clear and positive advantages to anger, or do you simply fear anger because so much damage is done in the name of “getting even?”

Positive Talk About Anger

In fact, some people feel priceless and others feel worthless, simply for experiencing the same very real feelings that all humans are supposed to feel.
If you don’t manage your anger well, chances are some of these whacky negative beliefs are causing the blowouts:

Putting Mind Over Matters Helps Beat Depression

It’s a vicious cycle: Negative thoughts make you feel worse, and the worse you feel, the more negative thoughts you entertain without screening them…and it all becomes enough to make you scream. As you magnify your faults, you stifle your social skills and confidence. Then you will feel shy, cautious about change, lonely, unwanted, unsure of yourself and unmindful of your positive goals.

The Self-Esteem Option

Being happy and confident comes more from within than it comes from without. Even if it doesn’t pay to be real-be the real you. After all, you gain confidence when you choose to be a real person with real emotions while considering your life to be a wonder-filled work in progress.