Communicator Types: Instigators

Can’t talk? In my new book Talk to Me, I have uncovered two brand new communicator types. In fact, 60% of the people you work with and love are Instigator-type communicators. Neither style is better or worse.

Instigator-type communicators, or I-types for short, share many (and more) of these traits:

  1. Interpersonally  LESS SENSITIVE
  2. Huge strength of GENUINENESS
  3. Listen SELECTIVELY with a purpose in mind
  4. Achilles Heel: Can become lost in fog of irritation, impatience, anger
  5. Must overcome “It is my way or the highway!” talking style
  6. Relate to world through mind…deep thinkers
  7. Feelings don’t get easily hurt, too thick-skinned, take things too impersonally
  8. Prone to saying things they later regret
  9. In a power play, can mess with your head, great debaters
  10. Natural-born “problem fixers”…able to forget the past and move on

You can go from a good to a great communicator in no time at all. You can also find out your communicator type easily by “Taking the Test” on this site.

There are also two of the four communicator modes (Beliefs, Behaviors) that I-types prefer to drive in as they talk to people in their burnt orange cars on the two-way communicator highway. In training, Instigators benefit from adopting the strengths of their opposite communicator type called Empathizers.

Statistically, 60% of all people are Instigator communicators (I-types) while 40% of all people are Empathizer communicators (E-types).

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a licensed clinical psychologist from Dayton, Ohio, and the author of TALK TO ME: Communication moves to get along with anyone. He is a Clinical Professor at the Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, and President of the corporate communications consulting firm New Insights Communication.

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