What's Your Communicator Type?

Are you a sensitive or an insensitive communicator?

In my research, I have discovered two brand new communicator types. You are either an Empathizer communicator (E-type) or an Instigator communicator (I-type). These communicator styles have nothing to do with your gender, background, age, race, stress coping style, introversion/extroversion personality and the like. The type of communicator you are makes a world of difference in the real world of positive vs. negative communication. You can avoid many divisions and collisions when you understand your talk type and your opposing communicator's type.

So let's talk! Are you ready to take a quick test to determine your heretofore hidden communicator type? In the future, would you skillfully like to steer around talk collisions, hard feelings, misunderstandings and relationship power plays? Fine, just honestly answer the 12 simple questions on the New Insights Communication Inventory or NICI below. Take a minute to take the this quick survey and find out your type or the type of those you love. Your comprehensive results will come back to you by e-mail in just a minute.

The New Insights Communication Inventory (NICI)

1. Do you try hard not to hurt anyone's feelings?

2. Are your feelings easily hurt?

3. Do you think of yourself as being too sensitive?

4. Do you believe talking about feelings makes things easier?

5. Are you surprised when your strong words or actions make someone else feel bad?

6. Do you believe you have the power to get out of a relationship rut?

7. Do you believe that communication gaps are correctable?

8. Do you believe the adage that women are more moody than men?

9. Do you think you are 50% responsible for any communication breakdown?

10. Do you "give in" to avoid conflict?

11. Do you tend to blame other people or situations for your feelings or actions?

12. Do you find yourself helping other people to the exclusion of yourself?

Please enter your information below so that we can send you the results to an e-mail address of your choosing. Please be assured that your name and email address will be kept confidential. We will not add you to our mailing list. We will not keep your information on file for any reason. We will not sell your information to anyone else. That's a promise!!

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