I’m much better calming myself down in my head than ever before since using TALK2ME tools. Glenna

We deeply appreciate the time you spent sharing assertive communication tips with our members. Your session was helpful, interesting, and fun. Dennis, I wish I had a tape of all the wonderful comments I’ve heard regarding your presentation. If I did, it would give you enough positive strokes to last you for months! D. Chadwick Institute of Management Accountants

You hold attention. You kept my undivided attention during the whole workshop. The only other person who keeps me hanging on every word is Lou Holtz. You’ve got the knack and the wit to motivate an audience and solve team problems without debating using the TALK2ME© system. Director, Manufacturing Logistics


I always knew there was something missing in my understanding of personalities. The best explanation that I was able to craft was to an analogy of men in the old West, i.e., that there are two types of men: the ones that rode horses and the ones that rode stagecoaches.

After my initial consultation with you and subsequently reading the information contained in your website, my eyes have been opened, and clarity of thought now prevails.

Dr. O'Grady, you have been able to define and explain the missing elements of what I've been trying to figure out. I've studied many of the greats, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Jackie Cooper, Joe Verde, and others. I've bought their tapes, attended their seminars, and developed communication strategies following their outlines, but none of these great motivators and teachers has ever unlocked the basic human psychological traits in such a manner as you and in such a way that is so meaningful.

Learning word tracts and/or altering word tracts to fit my individual personality is OK, but I believe that understanding the personality traits of the person I'm dealing with is far more valuable, which for the first time, I now understand in ways that previously had me mystified.

I'll be in touch, as I want to see if we can arrange to get you in front of our men's ministry to do a seminar or two.

The IT Communication Chasm and TALK2ME
In ever-critical, stressful technical fields, there truly is an untapped market of individuals like me, who do not have the understanding, training, or guidance to make sense of the reactions generated on a recurring basis. Among my core, motley community, these reactions are often written off as the standard stupidity of business management or, quite simply, the everlasting divide between the business and the technical side of Fortune 500 companies.

The harsh, dysfunctional communication gap, over and above some of the descriptions and situations which I've described, doggedly persists between IT and business management. Yet, despite that divide (which is as dysfunctional now as it was when I first entered the industry) in the modern corporate environment, the two are compelled to work together.

Your TALK2ME system could go a very, very long way to explain and virtually cure this divide.

I've personally experienced the effectiveness of your system, which not only rescued me from some of my worst instincts and misjudgments, but in a very pragmatic, business (ROI) sense, could save companies a lot of time, money, and lost technical talent.

Thanks, again, for all of your support, which means everything to me. And the timing of this happening...words really cannot express what you did to pull me from the brink of losing hope that I could ever express myself effectively, or that I could have any hope of communicating across what was - to me - a very confusing, confounding, communication chasm.

Thank you for helping make the Ohio Society of Directors of Volunteers Services fall conference a success. You have a very personable way of sharing information and making learning fun. P. Pitcher Ohio Society of Directors Of Volunteer Services of the Ohio Hospital Association

You are a gifted speaker who offers both style and substance during your presentations. The subject of adapting to change in an ever-changing world was most timely and was well received by the group. J. O’Keefe Michigan City Management Association


I thought the training session today went great. I think you had everybody’s attention, and I know people enjoyed what you were saying. Again, I appreciate your taking the time to customize your training to our group, and I look forward to our next TALK2ME© session. I’ll talk at you later.
Mike Mauro Operations Manager, Endolite

Thank you so much for your uplifting presentation to our society last evening. Your enthusiasm was matched only by the audience’s attentiveness, which I assure you, was unusual. I truly enjoyed the audience participation exercises. Everyone appeared to “open up,” and it seemed to leave us all with a warm, friendly feeling. L. Glueckert Dayton Dental Society

Your system for me was an instant fix. It explained to me how I could be somebody else and develop the aptitude and personality to talk with others in more effective ways. My Instigator profile is balanced now. C.T.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady’s self-help articles, which have appeared in the Dayton Daily News, the Xenia Daily Gazette, and other first-rate publications, make great reading for the general public. These articles have a firm base in the discipline of psychology, yet they are presented in an easily read, easily understood manner, relevant to daily life. Seldom do I read quality self-help articles, and it is indeed a pleasure to know that material such as Dr. O’Grady’s is available to the public. R.J. Bent, PhD Wright State University - School of Professional Psychology

I love your passion for improving the art of communication... you have not only learned, gleaned, deciphered lots of information about effective communication over the past 30 years as a therapist... but you so dearly want to others to learn it to understand it, to practice it and to master it!  That's neat... I could feel that in my soul.

Another thing I took from the "Talk to Me" seminar and workshop training (because of synchronicity - I hear what I need to hear at the exact right time) - was your challenge to improve my relationship to myself  i.e., how I communicate with myself, how I respond to my own inner sensations, perceptions, emotions, thoughts etc. I have been so very harsh with myself over this lifetime - my internal dialogue has been so hurtful, so demeaning... I need to continue to "moderate" this dialogue and bring more compassion and mercy to my relationship with myself.  I "feel" instant sadness as I think back on how mean I have been to myself. Your challenge makes me want to improve this...

Thanks for all the LIGHT you have brought to my life!
Jerry High School Guidance Counselor

I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to come to class at Miami U/Middletown, on Tuesday to talk with us. I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture and walked away with a better understanding of communication. I believe myself to very outgoing with a postive attitude, but I learned a lot about how to communicate...yet not dominate the conversation. I don't think professors, guests, and others who volunteer their time to talk with us are appreciated enough. So, please, take this as my personal Thank You! Heidi Neace

This was an excellent program. The interactive design and learning by doing kept me and the entire group engaged throughout both sessions. I was impressed with the facilitators' expertise and how they adapted to the unique needs of our group...meeting us where we were, heightening our awareness, and helping us improve and move forward. Bob Smith, Director--Center for Leadership & Executive Development School of Business Administration | University of Dayton

I'm a Type-A personality all the way. I could turn one bad day into two bad weeks. Reading your book gave me hope. Stress was killing me. I used to escalate arguing with my wife just so I could get the upper hand and win. Your Talk to Me communication system gave me an alternate route to communication clashes and communication crashes. I feel good about things for the first time in years.

Thanks for the communication plan that works.

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