This was an excellent program. The interactive design and learning by doing kept me and the entire group engaged throughout both sessions. I was impressed with the facilitators' expertise and how they adapted to the unique needs of our group...meeting us where we were, heightening our awareness, and helping us improve and move forward. Bob Smith, Director--Center for Leadership & Executive Development School of Business Administration | University of Dayton


I've got to tell you, I'm grateful for your TALK2ME system. All the same, I don't like referring to it like computer stuff - systems! Maybe it could be a program or something….I was almost amazed at how effective it was, once I used the talk tools at work. I expected it to work, but I had never imagined that there would be exponential results. I really did not anticipate that ripple affect to the team. I was worried about being tweaked or changed as a person, instead of improved as a communicator. I was scared if I talked to you and you changed me too much, I would lose the edge that I want to keep as part of me. Now I know that I had nothing to worry about....

The thing that most surprised me, even though everything you told me made sense, was that it was the first-in-a-lifetime experience. I was out of my element. But it really did lead to astonishing results.

Your system for me was an instant fix. It explained to me how I could be somebody else and develop the aptitude and personality to talk with others in more effective ways. My Instigator profile is balanced now. C.T.

Dennis O'Grady is an expert at interactively creating insight and connecting people with emotional intelligence for being more effective! John Alston Speaker and Award-Winning Author

Your presentation entitled, “Taking the Fear Out of Change,” was very well received. And, by all reports, the staff greatly benefited from your remarks. B. L. T. Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority

Thank you for helping make the Ohio Society of Directors of Volunteers Services fall conference a success. You have a very personable way of sharing information and making learning fun. P. Pitcher Ohio Society of Directors Of Volunteer Services of the Ohio Hospital Association

You have some of the best stuff on the net. I can tell you are a pro!  I read tons of BS and really enjoy your articles.  You are one of the best guys on the net. Tom

Kathy & Dennis:

I would like to take a moment to express my deep thanks and appreciation to you both. Through your help and understanding, I have achieved levels in myself I really did not know existed. I truly believe you are doing great things. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the experience.

Feedback on your presentation has been overwhelmingly positive. You have, indeed, given new insight to many of our participants as they recognize that change will happen. By sharing your verbal message with everyone, along with your written message in the form of notes, you have also provided the tools to make change less stressful. Thank you so very much…. D. Prok - Federal Women’s Program Manager Department of Veterans Affairs

I'm not the type who seeks help...I try to solve problems on my own. I found that I wasn't having any success working alone, so I set up a one-time appointment with communications coach Dr. Dennis O'Grady. What did I get for my investment of time and money?

I made progress from the results of that meeting -- which surprised me more than a little bit. My problems involved both personal and business relationships, and both were fairly complex. The main benefit I realized was being able to unload on someone who's not close to the situation. Dr. O'Grady made very good suggestions, helping me develop my “map" and design the small steps that lead to results. I felt encouraged, and, as a result, I implemented the steps which we'd developed. As yet, my situation is far from perfect, but I can confidently say that a single communications coaching meeting with Dennis helped me develop strategies which helped me improve both my business and personal relationships.

I just sent the "Talk to People" link out to your participants I really think this kind of additional follow-up is valuable to our members, so thank you for all of your effort!

Thanks again for everything - it was such a pleasure working with you. I hope to work with you again soon!
Jane Lee Manager, Education & Training - The Ohio Society of CPAs

What is the proper gift for a soul like you? You really healed us and sealed us together as we were meant to be. As a 19-year-old first-time mother, when I held my infant daughter the first few times, I was overjoyed and dreamed of how this mother and daughter would be as grown-ups, close in the ways parents and children should be. That wasn't happening before we came to you! By using the TALK2ME tools you gave us, we've avoided the slick oil patches of a one-way communication highway and have built a two-way communication highway. Thanks ever so much.... Anonymous

Your presentation was very refreshing and enlightening. I couldn't wait to hear more of what you had to say. As a professional radio announcer and as an entrepreneur myself, the PowerPoint presentation on how to Be the Real Deal in Business was invaluable. I really appreciated the presentation and am looking forward to hearing more news of successes from Dr. Dennis O'Grady and his communication theory and strategies. Robin Walton Staff Announcer - WFCJ Radio, 93.7 FM

We deeply appreciate the time you spent sharing assertive communication tips with our members. Your session was helpful, interesting, and fun. Dennis, I wish I had a tape of all the wonderful comments I’ve heard regarding your presentation. If I did, it would give you enough positive strokes to last you for months! D. Chadwick Institute of Management Accountants

We had heard in advance that you would enlighten and motivate us, but none of us were prepared for the truly outstanding presentation you provided. S. Hardin Kettering*Moraine*Oakwood Area Chamber of Commerce

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