Nice People

Do you speak up when things aren’t going right? Empathizer communicators are perceived as being nice people who are pushovers. That’s true, and prejudicial, because…

JUST BECAUSE I’M QUIET…doesn’t mean I’m weak

JUST BECAUSE I’M SILENT…doesn’t mean I’m in agreement with you

JUST BECAUSE I’M RESERVED…doesn’t mean I have nothing to say

JUST BECAUSE I STUMBLE OVER MY WORDS…doesn’t mean I’m not right

JUST BECAUSE I DON’T LOOK CONFIDENT…doesn’t mean I’m not competent

JUST BECAUSE I LOOK AWAY…doesn’t mean I’m intimidated by you

JUST BECAUSE I’M SAD…doesn’t mean I’m not contented

JUST BECAUSE I’M CAUTIOUS…doesn’t mean I avoid taking risks

JUST BECAUSE I’M SMILING…doesn’t mean I’m happy

JUST BECAUSE I’M TALKING…doesn’t mean I’m saying what I want

JUST BECAUSE I’M NICE…doesn’t mean I don’t feel resentful

JUST BECAUSE I’M A PUSHOVER…doesn’t mean I won’t or can’t push back

You have the power to use words to steer a new course of direction that will relieve resentment. Blend the strengths of both Empathizer and Instigator communicators today, and you’ll notice positive changes almost immediately.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a family business communication consultant and couple psychologist from Dayton, Ohio. Call about Talk2Me© training at 937-428-0724.

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