A Positive Tone Of Phone

You’re ready to make the call. The big phone call, that is. You want to send a friendly smile right through the handset of your phone. But you don’t like to talk on the phone. Any tools or tips for putting your best words forward in tense times like these? Yep, there sure are.


Let’s avoid unnecessary talk accidents. You don’t have to call in a 911-communication emergency or feel stalled out. However, you can match up better with the person you’re calling or who is talking with you. For example, you know that Empathizers like an indirect and quieter approach, while Instigators like a direct and louder approach. Neither way is better or worse. Which do you prefer – the I or the E way?


What preferences do you exhibit? Do you always use what works for you when you are communicating? Not good. When you use the TALK2ME© system typecasting function, you know which type of talker you have on the other end of the phone line.

Preferences for packaging good talk….

1. E-types prefer to give the best correct answer, while I-types prefer a fast answer

2. E-types prefer to give a positive view of the project, while I-types prefer to give a realistic view of the project

3. E-types prefer to hear a calm voice tone, while I-types prefer to hear an impassioned voice tone

4. E-types prefer to warm things up by beating around the bush a little bit, while I-types prefer the “let’s get right to the point here” direct approach

5. E-types prefer that you lead the conversation, while I-types prefer being in charge by directing the conversation

6. E-types prefer person-driven solutions, while I-types prefer policy-driven solutions

7. Both Empathizers and Instigators prefer non-emotional communications that stick to the task at hand


Words matter. Words can heal or open wounds. A negative phone attitude quickly sends the message, “I don’t have time to care for you, nor do I care to meet your needs!”

To project strength: Appeal to the communication type of your talk partner.

Dennis O’Grady, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and corporate trainer in Dayton. He teaches powerful new communication tools using the TALK2ME© system. Reach Dr. O’Grady at 937-428-0724 or at www.drogrady.com.

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