A Positive Communication Climate

What factor – inspired by good communication – is response-able for TEAM UNITY in your book? Is it “Honesty is the best policy?” or “What goes around comes around?” or “Treat stress like water off a duck’s back?” Here’s what the communication team brainstormed in class not long ago:

Top ten ways to build a positive atmosphere of communication:

1.    Have a good plan

2.    Make your “to do” list #1

3.    Motivate by using a good mood

4.    When what you’re doing isn’t working out, take new steps

5.    Take a step back and accept when your personal communication power has been compromised by emotion

6.    Believe in yourself even when others act in disapproving, manipulative, or selfish ways

7.    Project strength: Don’t allow emotions to sidetrack forward progress to your goal

8.    Speak OUT…Listen UP…Seek out TEAM UNITY

9.    Show disapproval for negative actions

10.    Show approval for positive actions

Are you doing what works? Do you gripe and worry, too much of the time? Now lighten up! Do something new from the Top Ten List above, instead of circling the drain of depression.

Dennis O’Grady, PsyD, is a Dayton clinical psychologist and corporate trainer who teaches powerful new communication tools using the TALK2ME© system. Reach Dr. O’Grady at 937-428-0724 or at www.drogrady.com.

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