The Couple Commitments

Devoted couples put time and energy into practicing new driving skills on the two-way communication highway. Not speaking, or not speaking up, is simply not an option.

As a loving couple, do you live these effective communication commitments to keep anger low, and joy and contentment high?

1. DO NOT FEAR COMMUNICATING. Don’t talk into outer space, but look at your partner and speak in a calm tone of voice.

2. HEAR EACH OTHER OUT. Listen deeply and completely, and don’t interrupt or jump in to make a point.

3. DO NOT SNAP AT ONE ANOTHER, but walk in your partner’s shoes to seek to understand his/her viewpoint.

4. DISAGREE WITHOUT BEING SHARP-TONGUED. Don’t throw knives at each other when there is a disagreement.

5. DO NOT PENALIZE WHEN WE GET MAD. Don’t stop talking, talk down, give the cold shoulder, or talk to others about problems when stressed or angry.

6. DO NOT BLAME EACH OTHER FOR FEELING OUR FEELINGS. Accept that throwing sharp rocks of resentment leaves scars on each other’s faces and puts our marriage on the rocks.

7. FIND MIDDLE GROUND. There doesn’t have to be an argument when opinions do not match. Strive to find the middle ground which will benefit our relationship.

Are you a Toxic Talker or a Tender Talker?  Why spend half of your marriage angry or upset with each other, as a majority of married folks do?


Is your heart connected to your head? The choice is yours to make. Don’t let communication errors generate anger, which will run your love into a ditch.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a relationship communication expert and TALK2ME© RELATIONSHIP COMMUNICATION seminar leader. You can test your communicator type and receive a free report at

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