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The usefulness of the TALK2ME system in improving relationship communication is unmatched. What one husband and community leader had to say about understanding the different viewpoints of Empathizer and Instigator communicators to promote conflict-free communication with his wife…


I always knew there was something missing in my understanding of personalities. The best explanation that I was able to craft was to an analogy of men in the old West, i.e., that there are two types of men: the ones that rode horses and the ones that rode stagecoaches.

After my initial consultation with you and subsequently reading the information contained in your website, my eyes have been opened, and clarity of thought now prevails.

Dr. O’Grady, you have been able to define and explain the missing elements of what I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve studied many of the greats, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Jackie Cooper, Joe Verde, and others. I’ve bought their tapes, attended their seminars, and developed communication strategies following their outlines, but none of these great motivators and teachers has ever unlocked the basic human psychological traits in such a manner as you and in such a way that is so meaningful.

Learning word tracts and/or altering word tracts to fit my individual personality is OK, but I believe that understanding the personality traits of the person I’m dealing with is far more valuable, which for the first time, I now understand in ways that previously had me mystified.

I’ll be in touch, as I want to see if we can arrange to get you in front of our men’s ministry to do a seminar or two.

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Dennis O’Grady delivers TALK2ME© effective communication workshops that provide a Communication Toolbox full of positive communication tools, to executive, managerial, and supervisory groups, to set people up for success. He also uses the TALK2ME system with his private, relationship communications-training clients. Dr. O’Grady is known as the “Talk Doc” since the advent of his positive and effective communication system, TALK2ME. He is past president of the Dayton Psychological Association, founder of New Insights Communication, and is a clinical professor at the Wright State University School of Professional Psychology. His talk textbook, TALK TO ME: Communication Moves to Get Along With Anyone, received the 2008 Axiom Business Book Award Silver Medal. Please feel free to contact New Insights Communication at 937.428-0724 to set up a time to speak with Dr. O’Grady. Your questions and inquiries are welcomed.

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