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Are you profiting from positive communication? Principle: Better communication; better profits. What Million Dollar Talk Tools are you using today?


I’ve got to tell you, Dr. O’Grady, I’m grateful for your TALK2ME system. All the same, I don’t like referring to it like computer stuff – systems! Maybe it could be a program or something….I was almost amazed at how effective it was, once I used the talk tools at work. I expected it to work, but I had never imagined that there would be exponential results. I really did not anticipate that ripple affect to the team. I was worried about being tweaked or changed as a person, instead of improved as a communicator. I was scared if I talked to you and you changed me too much, I would lose the edge that I want to keep as part of me. Now I know that I had nothing to worry about….

The thing that most surprised me, even though everything you told me made sense, was that it was the first-in-a-lifetime experience. I was out of my element. But it really did lead to astonishing results.  C.


What one strength will you purposefully use to create profitable communication moves that benefit us all?  These are the top picks TALK2ME Class 14 told me were bold ways to set yourself up for success…

Take 10 seconds to listen, even when you think there is no time.

Be more sincere.

Be a little more patient. Listen more than 30 seconds to the situation.

Be more understanding how other people feel, and respect their thoughts.

Give tons of “attaboys” and “attagirls.”

I think I’ll just take more time to communicate more. I’ll get back to good communication to recharge my batteries.

I will refuse to let any situation escalate into a yelling match.

More bold. Be straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush.

Be more patient and not blow up so much.

Don’t always be so polite.

Be more positive.

Be willing to change. Take 10 seconds to listen even when I think I don’t have time.

Remember, when you learn you earn! When you learn to communicate better you grow and change which leads to profits of all kinds!


Dr. Dennis O’Grady is the founder of New Insights Communication, a coaching and relationship counseling practice located in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. O’Grady is the developer of the innovative communication program TALK2ME, based on his  Talk to Me: Communication Moves to Get Along with Anyone textbook. His executive coaching and relationship communication tools are  targeted at the areas of positive communication, leadership development, and change management. You can reach Dr. Dennis O’Grady at 937-428-0724.


  1. Your material requires the light bulb effect. It’s like putting on a new skin. You’re not teaching me something new. You’re putting new skin on me. I’m acting differently. I’m feeling differently. I’m thinking differently. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it’s powerful. It’s like learning yoga. You can’t learn yoga from a book. You’ve got to learn it in an experiential group. What’s in it for me to apply the TALK2ME system? You name it…You motivate everyone with the system. Participants get motivated and use it to improve their lives.

    Comment by Dr. Dennis O'Grady — April 14, 2009 @ 9:39 am

  2. The IT Communication Chasm and TALK2ME

    In ever-critical, stressful technical fields, there truly is an untapped market of individuals like me, who do not have the understanding, training, or guidance to make sense of the reactions generated on a recurring basis. Among my core, motley community, these reactions are often written off as the standard stupidity of business management or, quite simply, the everlasting divide between the business and the technical side of Fortune 500 companies.

    The harsh, dysfunctional communication gap, over and above some of the descriptions and situations which I’ve described, doggedly persists between IT and business management. Yet, despite that divide (which is as dysfunctional now as it was when I first entered the industry) in the modern corporate environment, the two are compelled to work together.

    Your TALK2ME system could go a very, very long way to explain and virtually cure this divide.

    I’ve personally experienced the effectiveness of your system, which not only rescued me from some of my worst instincts and misjudgments, but in a very pragmatic, business (ROI) sense, could save companies a lot of time, money, and lost technical talent.

    Thanks, again, for all of your support, which means everything to me. And the timing of this happening…words really cannot express what you did to pull me from the brink of losing hope that I could ever express myself effectively, or that I could have any hope of communicating across what was – to me – a very confusing, confounding, communication chasm.

    Comment by Dr. Dennis O'Grady — April 22, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

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