Pillars Of Effective Communication

What are the pillars of effective communication? Trust and respect are harvested when use a positive talk attitude. Trainees in a recent Talk2Me© class were asked: “What one tool will you use from your toolset to set yourself up for success when you return home? What tool will you keep sharpened?!” Here are the answers of these respected and trusted leaders…

Do more passing along logical facts to develop trust.

“Just do your job!” approach when others are acting like a rogue.

It’s going to be hard but I’m going to do the “less talk is better” approach with Instigators.

Keep others better informed across all shifts and crews through use of handouts.

Take time instead of take off running and utilize the clerks more. Push down some of my responsibilities so I can breathe.

Tell Instigators what they did wrong bluntly. Explain to Empathizers about consequences. Instead of letting everybody put their two cents in.

Let others know when they do a good job vs. go with the approach that no news is good news.

Seem like I do care by showing the emotional side of it and recognize achievements.

Listening to others concerns and taking time to hear the whole story.

Take the time with the Empathizers to talk with them and reassure them.

Take time to talk with others and re-empathize that they’re not just a number in the company. Ask how their weekend was.

Stop doing what I’m focused on doing and take time to actually listen to what they’re saying.

I will listen to the concerns of others from an Empathizers standpoint. It means a lot to them to take a lot of time.


To be an effective communicator in life requires honesty, and open, two-way communication that promotes personal growth and success.


In the words of one top executive of a major regional company which is based in Dayton, “…If we can’t communicate with each other, therein lies many of our problems. It’s all about the customer. Talk To Me© is a communication system that will give you the tools and strategies to communicate better with your peers, your subordinates, your customers, your families. You learn how to listen and how to talk more effectively. Talk To Me© is great, but you can’t really explain it….It just works! As you put the communication tools and strategies that you learn to good use, you set up the work climate for clear communication, thus setting yourself up for success.”

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