Adopting The Secret Strengths Of Your Opposite Communicator Type

Acquire what you Admire…

What do you quietly admire about your opposite communicator type? The Talk2Me© Communication Roadmap requires that you acquire what you admire about your opposite communicator type. Thus, you are able to walk on both sides of Talk Street and use the flip sides of your Communicator Coin. First things first though – Know Thy Type so…

I. If you are an Instigator-type (I-type) communicator, you are brutally honest and live in an emotions-free zone. You don’t like to muddy the waters with emotions. I-types are analytical problem solvers who break issues down into parts. I-types can be impatient and come across: “Just give me the facts, not the whole story.”

II. If you are an Empathizer-type (E-type) communicator, you use emotions to reach a more personal level in your communications. E-types are open to discussions, and they ask loads of open-ended questions. Empathizers are “animated communicators” who talk with their hands and are very sensitive to others’ moods and feelings.

Have you acquired all of these admired strengths – and others – that are within your psyche, waiting to be activated like a computer chip in your brain?


• A willingness to listen
• Really cares about a speaker’s reality
• More in tune with others emotions
• Seek the input and strengths of people around them…more willing to ask for input
• E-types dare to care
• More approachable
• See things from others point of view
• More apt to change if necessary…not one track minded
• More open to change
• Flexible: Willing to take someone else’s advice and utilize it
• More caring and nurturing (you have a heart and soul)
• Supportive (not as apt to crush someone)
• Intuitive (gut checks in tune with others)
• More laid back…easy going
• People persons


• Straight forward and blunt
• Driven to produce
• Fewer emotions
• More analytical
• Thicker skin
• Focused
• Ambitious
• Demanding
• Unwavering
• Solutions persons
• Driving for progress
• Stubborn – won’t budge
• Get to a decision and stick to it
• Break problems down into parts
• Don’t take things too much to heart


Which strength will you admire and acquire. Just talking about what you admire isn’t doing enough.

Make sure that you improve your communication on purpose and not accidentally. Focus your energies on a specific, secret strength of your opposite communicator type, then work to make that strength your own. The point is to access, adopt, and activate the inner strengths of both communicator types. Although you are born one type, you can still mine the strengths of your opposite type. Why hire or hang out only with people who are duplicate copies of yourself? Interweaving the strengths of both types of communicators will build a strong bridge of trust. Mixing it up is best.


How to know the talk type of a friend, loved one or professional colleague? In your opinion, how important are interpersonal relationships AND personal sensitivity to achieving goals and objectives? Empathizers consider relationship sensitivity to be a prime directive, while Instigators consider it a background factor.


TALK DOC Dennis O’Grady is an Enlightening Speaker, Relationship Communication Coach, and Developer of the Talk2Me© Communication Roadmap. Call (937) 428-0724 to talk with Dennis about your organizational or family needs today.

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