I Am Able To Express Myself Without Apologizing

Are you able to link the benefits of your effective communications training back to your real life circumstances? I sincerely hope so. People schooled in the Talk2Me© system often utilize their newfound abilities to accomplish great tasks, surprisingly easily. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Oh, yes we can! Here’s what one Empathizer-type (E-type) communicator realized through discovering and using his hidden talents….


Hello, Dennis:

I’ll do my best to describe the “tie back to real life” benefits of the Talk2Me© work we do in class. I suppose that “counting the benefits of on-the-fly talk practices netting great rewards” is a no-brainer. Silence is a killer in my family life, while conflict isn’t a thriller in my work life. Here’s a brief list of what I experienced when “the light bulb came on….”

I am…

  • able to stay centered rather than get embroiled in a non-productive argument
  • better able to listen to what I don’t want to hear
  • able to work at higher energy levels
  • able to achieve more effective results in my scientific endeavors
  • able to lead professional groups and encourage them to operate with more positive energy and esprit de corps
  • able to more clearly write responses to blogs at drogrady.com
  • able to apply tools and strategies, learned in communication training, to business and home settings
  • able to get out of “thinking ruts” more quickly
  • able to feel more compassion for everyone I encounter
  • able to talk about my emotions without causing additional problems
  • able to relate to my children better and enjoy them more
  • able to openly discuss personal situations with my wife
  • able to let go of negative “sticky or tarry” feelings more efficiently
  • able to love more deeply
  • able to cry more completely
  • able to be curious and open minded
  • better able to handle unexpected changes
  • able to feel unconditional confidence
  • able to walk in the shoes of others in authentic ways
  • more able to explore the wonders of life
  • better able to understand complex concepts such as religion, politics, sex
  • able to team up with other scientists and professionals to make needed changes that benefit everyone
  • able to feel like running away but instead stand strong like an oak tree
  • able to “not know” without panic or fright
  • able to feel guilty without gutting myself
  • able to encounter others rather than critique others
  • better able to live in my head, body, emotions, relationships, etc., in ways that break free of childhood patterns
  • more able to embrace hope
  • able to live my life free of outside beliefs that used to be security blankets
  • able to leave the coffin called the “comfort zone”
  • able to express myself without apologizing

In short, knowledge is not the same as experiencing life.


As a communication expert, Dayton-based Dennis E. O’Grady, Psy.D., wears two hats: one of corporate trainer in leadership communication skills and the other as a couple communications expert. The Talk2Me© system provides tools and strategies to bridge communication gaps and to help resolve both family and workplace difficulties. Dr. O’Grady’s mission is to give you communication tools to use to improve the quality of your life. Dennis is the author of Talk to Me: Communication Moves To Get Along With Anyone. www.drogrady.com.

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