Who’s Siphoning Off Your Energy?

Who’s siphoning off the energy from your blue Empathizer or burnt orange Instigator communicator car? Do you feel that the tank that stores your juicy life energy, passion, and enthusiasm for life has been sucked dry? Toxic communicators spew out poison wherever they go. Not only are they bad apples in the orchard, but they also put your fellow travelers to sleep at the wheel, as they travel down Talk Highway. Watch out for that tree or ditch! According to the Talk2Me© research I’ve conducted, 17% or so of people at work or in your extended family are Negatalkers, people who live off your energy by complaining about what is working instead of changing what isn’t working.


Negatalkers are men and women, young and old, smart and dim, who drain energy like a champion — without getting fingered. I use a gas siphon as a visual prop in the communications training workshops I conduct. If you don’t confront Negatalkers, they keep on stealing your will, like an Energy Vampire who steals from you at night. Negatalkers sow many “D’s Of DISCORD” in toxic communication, by siphoning away the energy from your communicator car gas tank, whether it be a Blue Empathizer or Burnt Orange Instigator. How can you tell who is a Negatalker?


When you are around a Negatalker, you will feel “wozzy” because of the effects of the Negatalker’s toxins and poisons, which are settling into your system:

• Despair
• Division
• Dread
• Deadlock
• Disputes
• Derision
• Disdain
• Doubt
• Disinformation
• Distancing
• Distrust
• Disgust
• Disrepair

Nothing changes for the better when Negatalkers are driving things from the backseat!


Negatalkers are spineless, bullying cowards who create jawless victims, siphoned of all life’s energy. They toss a hot potato of grief like a live hand grenade, back and forth, with those they know and claim they love…then, BOOM! Their victims’ dreams are blown up and away in the mayhem.


If you don’t confront Negatalkers, they keep on stealing your will like an Energy Vampire. Another visual: The play and movie about the man-eating plant in “Little Shop Of Horrors” depicts a song, “Feed Me, Seymour!” where Audrey II grows bigger and more fierce the more life energy is sucked dry. In exchange, a bargain is made with the Talk Devil. You become successful as you silently look the other way, while the Negatalkers kill off hope.


Dennis O’Grady, Psy.D., is a couples communication coach with 30+ years experience developing effective communication skills that work when the heat is on. Dr. O’Grady’s couple communication textbook is Talk To Me: Communication Moves To Get Along With Anyone. Dennis can be reached by calling New Insights Communication at (937) 428-0724.

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