Before You Dig In, Say Thanks For Everything

As a communications trainer for organizations and companies, and a veteran marital and family psychologist, I’ve heard tremendous accounts of altruism, praiseworthy efforts in the face of defeat, unexpected successes and unbelievable turnabouts that defy all scientific logic when good communication is welcomed and the winds of change are embraced. That’s why I say as a motivational speaker: “Good talk isn’t cheap but priceless!” … “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth then pull its teeth!” … “The grass is always greenest where you take care of it!” “Thanks to YOU…our world is a far better place!”


Whenever you say, “But I complain too much and I should be more thankful for what I’ve got!” you lose that loving feeling that makes the world go ’round. What I’ve also heard once too often is, “I didn’t appreciate what I had until it was gone!” It doesn’t have to be that way. Thanksgiving is a day to appreciate who you are and how you feel in context with loving who you are and the life you leading. Thus, Thanksgiving comes every day of the year!


The mealtime blessing is a way to appreciate what you’ve got and where it came from. Take a few moments to give thanks before digging into the scrumptious meal awaiting you:

We give thanks for our children, and the child in all of us, who can never be stopped from growing and changing.

We give thanks to one another for standing behind us when, as individuals, we might have failed to find the courage to stand up for ourselves.

We give thanks for the little things each of us has done to encourage politeness, niceness, caring, respect and dignity in our home.

We give thanks for the special intimacy that exists between husband and wife, and hope that the fire of this romance will always burn bright.

We give thanks for our adolescents’ and young adults’ aspirations, ambitions and realistic plans to improve their lives and add to our family heritage.

We give thanks for our health and the health of our elder family members, from whose wisdom we benefit daily.

We give thanks for neighbors who lend a helping hand when unexpected problems crop up.

We give thanks for America, a prosperous and proud country that pays the cost of our freedom.

We give thanks for the diversity of people who populate this vast planet.

We give thanks for the life we have together and the life we add back into our communities.

We warmly give thanks to one another seated around this table and enjoy partaking of this meal in the spirit of abiding respect and love.

These are but a few of the marvelous blessings I know you appreciate and feast on every day of the year. Celebrate your life!


Communicate, change, grow and give thanks. Because THANKS TO YOU…our world is a far better place!

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a keynote speaker and author of “Talk to Me: Communication Moves to Get Along with Anyone.” Dennis lives and works in Dayton, Ohio, and is a husband and father of three daughters in addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist.

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