The Winner’s Credo

The surest route to happiness is to grow, change and take response-ability for creating the life of a “winner.” What type of positive, “can-do” and change-producing attitudes does a winner use?

Winners say, “Yes,” while Losers say, “Yes, but.”
Winners reveal love, while Losers conceal love.
Winners say, “I did,” while Losers say, “I didn’t.”
Winners appreciate, while Losers denigrate.
Winners say, “Now,” while Losers say, “Later.”
Winners persist, while Losers quit.
Winners say, “I love you,” while Losers say, “You must love me.”
Winners give things away, while Losers hoard everything.
Winners say, “I’m sorry,” while Losers say, “You should be ashamed.”
Winners accept others, while Losers judge others.
Winners say, “I’ll do my share,” while Losers say, “Do something for me.”
Winners dare to be out front, while Losers lag behind.
Winners say, “I’m responsible,” while Losers say, “It’s not my fault.”
Winners make something work, while Losers tell you why it won’t work.
Winners say, “I’ll try,” while Losers say, “They won’t let me.”
Winners say, “I owe you,” while Losers say, “You owe me.”
Winners listen to fair criticisms, while Losers block them out.
Winners laugh at themselves, while Losers laugh behind backs.
Winners say, “I can,” while Losers say, “I can’t.”
Winners protect nature, while Losers destroy nature.
Winners say, “Maybe,” while Losers say, “No way.”
Winners have a few close friends, while Losers make a million acquaintances.
Winners say, “Thank you,” while Losers say, “You should be more thankful.”
Winners are open, while Losers put up walls.
Winners say, “I should,” while Losers say, “You should.”
Winners reciprocate, while Losers intimidate.
Winners say, “I like myself,” while Losers say, “You should like me.”
Winners pray thankfully, while Losers pray regretfully–if at all.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a professional keynote speaker and the author of a proven new communications system found in his latest book TALK TO ME: Communication Moves to Get Along with Anyone.  He specializes in teaching “positive and effective communication strategies to be the leader of your own life.”

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