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New Hire “Gold Nuggets”

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For newly hired staff members, everything is—well—extremely new! Since true living often begins when we reach the end of our comfort zones, new hires really are living the dream. While unfamiliar environments may feel intimidating at first, new hires have the opportunity to learn a new skillset—and life lessons as well. So, what principles or gold nuggets does a seasoned pro swear by?  Here are my top choices for how to continually improve one’s career-skill set.


  • A job is different than a career
  • Being “on time” means being “ten minutes early”
  • Being at work doesn’t mean you are actually working
  • A bad mood is like the flu—steer clear!
  • If you’re not happy in your work, you should leave as soon as you’re financially able to
  • A positive attitude trumps acquired skills
  • Your reputation is evaluated by how you behave during times of drastic change
  • What makes you ticked off and choose to remain calm
  • If you’re an Empathizer or Instigator communicator in order to avoid common pitfalls
  • It’s nearly impossible to improve without listening
  • It’s unfeasible to communicate without hearing what you don’t want to hear
  • You can funnel your frustration into motivation whenever you decide to
  • You don’t have to know or be everything for everybody
  • Your leadership light is bright and needed in this dreary world

Remember to try to have fun at work. You light up lives! You are a human being, a human doing, and a human becoming. By focusing on improving yourself today, your future success will take care of itself. Good luck on your memorable journey!

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a Dayton, Ohio communications psychologist who leads workshops in effective communication skills, servant leadership, mood management, and relationship communication tools utilizing the TALK2ME system.  Dr. O’Grady can be reached at (937) 428-0724.

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