Good Talk Team Habits At Work


What communication strategies (or good talk habits) do excellent communicators use? Do you habitually use these seven keys to keep lines of communication open with your group?

1. MAKE YOURSELF ACCESSIBLE. Routinely ask, “How’s it going?” and listen with interest to the responses. Don’t isolate yourself in an office every day.

2. THINK AS A TEAM. Constantly build a We-Team and Can-do attitude vs. a Me-Team mindset. Don’t allow Can’t-ism to take hold.

3. INCLUDE ALL COMMUNICATOR TYPES IN DECISION-MAKING. Especially encourage your quieter Empathizer team members to speak up. Encourage your louder Instigator team members to listen up.

4. BE FLEXIBLE. Keep focusing on doing what works and making it just a little bit better each day.

5. CELEBRATE THE LITTLE THINGS. Celebrate the journey instead of the destination. Spread verbal appreciations around.

6. DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY. Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it and be trustworthy in your communication habits.

7. MAKE IT A FUN PLACE TO WORK. Work and problem solving meetings are supposed to be fun, challenging, and enjoyable. Choose to be in a good mood even during dark times.

Use these simple yet effective leadership communication secrets as you ride along the two-way communication highway toward a town called Success.

Dennis O’Grady is a Dayton communications psychologist and author of Taking The Fear Out Of Changing, No Hard Feelings, and Talk To Me.  Dennis leads Team Talk seminars to improve team morale, creative problem solving, and positive mood attitude. He is available by calling 937-428-0724.

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