Do You Have Your Doctorate Of Communications Degree?


What’s up, Doc? Have you earned your Doctorate of Communications degree? If not, the following might just be an exam question: In your opinion, what single characteristic makes for excellent and effective leadership communication? Now, think a minute–and your answer would be …? Would you choose what kind of mood a leader parlays every day?


Let’s get personal: What makes you feel valued and valuable as a follower? Are you walking the talk? From real life Talk2Me© workshops, here are insights of people in the field….

1. COMFORT LEVEL. You are comfortable communicating with the leader about anything at any time. There is no fear of the leader or fear of tackling tough talks or change transitions. Do you feel a secure connection to your leader? Do you find it easy to connect with team members as a leader?

2. THOUGHTS HEARD. You feel valued. Your thoughts are heard and your opinions are regularly sought out by the leader. There isn’t resentment, because creative thoughts aren’t interrupted in mid-sentence. Do you feel trust towards your leader? Are you trusted as a leader?

3. COMMUNICATION AVAILABILITY. Even when busy, your leader is open to listening – neither impatience nor irritation are shown. Do you feel your leader is approachable and listens well? Are you approachable as a leader and as an engaged listener?

4. CONSISTENT AND CLEAR. Your leader provides consistent and clear directions about job goals and the company mission. There is no fear of delivering quality feedback. Do you feel your leader is being consistent and clear? Are you consistent and clear as a leader?

5. NOT MOODY. Your leader provides a safe and reliable emotional atmosphere by showing a positive attitude most times. There is no fear of being dumped on or fear of retaliation. Do you feel your leader drives in a good mood most days? Do you choose to be in a good mood most days as a leader?


Ask anyone to give you feedback about how you come across as a leader. Ask your co-workers or boss, supervisor or supervisee, your kids or life partner….

“Do you feel comfortable talking to me? Do you feel valued and feel that your thoughts and opinions are heard and appreciated?

Although Empathizer leaders and Instigator leaders lead from different strength sets, each type must adopt these core leadership competencies and improve upon them a little bit every day to drive into a future of success.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a Dayton psychologist, marriage counselor, family business communications consultant and Mood Management workshop leader. Dr. O’Grady can be reached at 937-428-0724.

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