Building Communication Bridges

During the TALK2ME© University of Dayton training participants were asked: “What key do you put into the ignition knowing it will reliably turn over the engine of effective communication? That same key that keeps you in the driver’s seat of your blue Empathizer car or your burnt orange Instigator car driving safely down the two-way communicator highway?”

Each individual response reflects an honest, reflective key to personal success in communication.  Collectively, the responses are extremely effective tools for improving communication and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

  • Genuine desire to listen
  • Having communication – not avoiding
  • Empathy – understanding the feelings of others even if not your own
  • Listening to what others are actually saying
  • Listening to understand the content of the situation; Understanding the content of the strategic plan
  • Understanding the details and how the message is received – the tone
  • Understanding who you are communicating to and the content
  • Having perspective – not bringing in your own personal issues
  • How you interact with others and the ability to change
  • Positive attitude – being able to separate events
  • Truth – Honesty – No Manipulation.  Need to get to the point.
  • Attitude – can set up real barriers
  • Moving personal agendas aside to listen
  • Active listening – Stay engaged in the conversation – Eye contact with others


What is the “best mood” or “climate” of the work culture in which you would prefer to work and are responsible for creating? These truths set you free…

–       TRUTH (genuine honesty, truth sets you free, face-to-face discussions of dissatisfactions to seek solutions)

–       EMPATHY (the PATH is listening with empathy)

–       ENGAGE (go to the person, pick up the phone, ask for clarifying feedback)

As effective and responsible communicators you acknowledged that you alone are accountable for doing your best to build bridges of communication trust with each and every one of your team leaders.

TALK2ME© system co-presenters Dr. Dennis O’Grady and Kathryn

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