Empathizers Roll

Let’s be thoughtful of the feelings of others and think through relationship impacts before uttering a sharp word that cuts deep into psychic skin. While Empathizer communicators won’t steam roll over another, E-types do put the “roll” in “rock and roll” while driving serenely down the two-way communicator highway.


Here’s what “let’s get busy making good communication come alive” leaders admire about Empathizer leaders who put the “roll” in “rock and roll”…

1. Empathizers set a positive tone of acceptance and nurturing. They make good mothers, fathers, coaches, and life mentors.

2. Empathizers are very thoughtful, going out of their way to send a positive e-mail message or pick out a special greeting card.

3. Empathizers are more open-minded. They see more sides to an issue without defensively taking sides.

4. Empathizers make good sounding boards.

5. Empathizers remember stuff better, especially those emotionally meaningful events.

6. Empathizers don’t hurry to produce results, thereby avoiding making costly mistakes.

7. Empathizers skillfully diffuse hostile situations, mindful of the importance of relationships.

8. Empathizers coach Instigators on when and how to show emotions.

9.  Empathizers are compassionate. They care more for others’ feelings.

10. Empathizers are great leaders. They have a high Emotional I.Q.

11. Empathizers provide the balance of acknowledging others while accomplishing tasks.

12. Empathizers help you cope when you’re down by having a good sense of humor. They paint a picture of a hopeful future.


You can’t rock-and-roll if you’re minus one communicator type, any more than you can clap hands using only one hand. Empathizers are the left hand, while Instigators are the right hand. Together they rock and roll by solving problems together. Without fail, I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times in my workshops and relationship coaching.


CARS serve as the metaphor in the TALKME© system. Ignoring Empathizer strengths is similar to going without heating and air conditioning in your automobile. E-types are your emotional temperature gauges. Can you get through a winter without their strengths?

Discounting Instigator strengths is similar to traveling without a map or GPS device. I-types are our expert map readers, who will get you there on time. Can you get through a summer vacation without using their strengths?

Move through the seasons skillfully by adopting the opposite strengths of both Empathizer and Instigator communicators. That way, you will have two hands on the steering wheel and applaud your new results while traveling down Success Avenue.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a family business psychologist, corporate trainer and marriage counselor. (937) 428-0724.

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