Instigators Rock

Let’s get right to the point. Instigator communicators pull the trigger and don’t worry about hurting the feelings of others. Isn’t that so useful to the progress of us all sometimes? Here’s what a “let’s get busy communicating teaming and living” leaders admired about Instigators…

1. Instigators get to the point.

2. Instigators balance logic with sensitivity.

3. Instigators can remove themselves from a tough issue.

4. Instigators lead with reason more than with emotion.

5. Instigators keep on track and don’t land in a ditch.

6. Instigators get fast results.

7. Instigators don’t shy away from conflict.

8. Instigators take charge.

9. Instigators don’t worry as much and move through changes quickly.

10. Instigators are great, natural born leaders.

11. Instigators are taskmasters.

12. Instigators don’t dwell on the past. They move on using short-term memory that benefits us all over the long haul.


Empathizer communicators make decisions more slowly and cautiously than their Instigator pals. Nonetheless, you, too, can adopt the balanced strengths of Instigator-type communicators who look after the team, even when it might take hurting an individual’s feelings.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a corporate trainer and couples counselor. (937) 428-0724

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