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How do you successfully work through a problem issue as a team or family? It isn’t an easy task, to be sure. For example, how are you able to reliably determine what solution will or won’t work in real life? Pet opinions aren’t necessarily a collection of facts, facts that are the keys to solving problems.


SEERS are Empathizer leaders in the TALK2ME© system who “see” invaluable solutions as easily as “seeing” the nose on your face.

For example, SEERS don’t come to a conclusion and then build a case to support their pet project. SEERS seethe when common sense isn’t used to create change. Care to know if your “solution opinion” will fly in the real world? Ask a SEER who has uncommon, common sense.


Do you “SEE” the solution(s) to a problem, or are you awash in opinionated opinions? An opinion is based on your understanding of the information you have at hand. SEERS easily distinguish strong opinions from straight facts….

1.  CAN’T YOU SEE THE INCONSISTENCY HERE? SEERS are easily able to point out the inconsistency in something. It stands out like a sore thumb.

2. DON’T YOU SEE THE ISSUE? SEERS’ minds flash on illuminating solutions to problem issues.

3. DO YOU SEE THIS SIDE OF IT? SEERS can visualize the partial view and the whole view while envisioning that special part which is the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

4. WHAT’S THE LOGIC HERE? SEERS connect the dots to find out if what’s being proposed is too complicated to work in real life.

5. ARE YOU SAYING WHAT YOU MEAN, AND MEANING WHAT YOU SAY, WITHOUT BEING MEAN? SEERS take emotional words at face value, so they aren’t fooled by fear-driven untruths spoken by brutes.

6. DIDN’T ANYBODY SEE THIS COMING DOWN THE PIKE? SEERS aren’t caught up in a swirling inner world and are thus able to “see” what’s coming down the road right before their very eyes.

7. ISN’T THE SOLUTION AS OBVIOUS AS THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE? SEERS have very long noses and “get” that if your group won’t look into a factual mirror with the purpose of finding the truth, you won’t…even if it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Instigator leaders have strong opinions and are able to make those opinions acceptable to others and then enacted upon to complete the task.


Here’s your test to tell if you’re a SEER. Analyze this message: “All dogs must be kept on a leash in the park.” SEER quip: “That’s going to be a pretty damned crowded park.” Get it? “All dogs in the world must report to the park.” Funny. SEERS would prefer: “To protect other people in the park, while dogs are in the park with their owners, they must be kept on a leash.” SEERS see what is not obvious to the rest of us.

Another SEER told his mom: “Mom, you are a crustacean.” “Son, why do you say that?” “Because you’re acting awfully crabby with me!” Makes you think….


Who’s right and who’s wrong? The better debater can rule the roost. Yet, an opinion is “the view somebody takes about a certain issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment.” Plus, an “opinionated” person is always ready to express opinions and, tending to hold to them stubbornly, unreasonably dismisses other people’s views.” Opinions aren’t necessarily facts, even when spoken by an expert authority.

If something doesn’t make sense to you, seek the counsel of a SEER, who understands that common sense involving facts solves problems, but that process isn’t commonly exercised in the home space or workplace.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Dennis O’Grady provides corporate communication training and marriage counseling seminars. Call (937) 428-0724.

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