Remove Emotions From Equations?

Do you remove emotions from equations? If you do, you were born to win as an Instigator-type communicator. If you don’t, you were born to win as an Empathizer-type communicator. I-Win…You Win…We Win…is the best approach to solving vexing problems with TALK2ME© technology.


What are common stereotype talk barriers that can be removed from the communication equation?

Here are the limiting beliefs that Instigator-type (I-type) communicators live out in ignorance about their Empathizer pals….

1. Empathizers think with hearts, not heads.

2. Empathizers’ feelings are hurt too easily.

3.  Empathizers stall out instead of making decisions all on their own.

4. Empathizers don’t multi-task. They slow things down when urgency calls.

5. Empathizers keep bringing up the past. This limits present problems being solved.

6. Empathizers are so afraid of making mistakes that they fail to take action when action is needed.

7.  Empathizers worry too much. They worry about being blamed for making tough decisions.

8. Empathizers don’t let logic rule. They’re not rational when emotions run hot.

9. Empathizers are too dramatic. They predict doom and gloom when fear is on the offensive.

10. Empathizers erroneously base decisions on how relationships are impacted.

11. Empathizers are too interested in petty things, such as personal relationships.

12. Empathizers talk too much without saying anything.

13. Empathizers use body language expressively to communicate mood, instead of using words.

14. Empathizers are never wrong when it comes to solutions to fix problems.

15. Empathizers are not business oriented.

16. Empathizers are afraid of what others think, and they doggedly seek approval.

17. Empathizers’ feelings are hurt too easily

18. Empathizers blame others who don’t have a high Emotional I.Q.

19. Empathizers do not take responsibility for fictions of imagined reality.

20. Empathizers are flustered too easily; can’t handle pressure.

In short, Instigator communicator, wisely advise all Empathizer communicators to remove unnecessary emotions from the Relationship Life and Work Life Equation.

Enough said, already?


TALK2ME© is an enlightening communication system that begs to be used, because it works! Experience the ‘light bulb comes on’ results for yourself. Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a corporate trainer who also provides marriage counseling and relationship communication training.  Call (937) 428-0724.

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