A Charismatic Leader


How do you describe yourself as a leader? In the TALK2ME© system, charismatic leaders are called Inventors. Inventors are Instigator-type innovators who are relentless in achieving futuristic company goals. Are you a charismatic leader who produces astonishing results? How to know…


A charismatic leader gets under people’s skin in a relentless effort to communicate what needs to be accomplished today to produce results tomorrow and after tomorrow.

If you are a top performing, “I like to win” charismatic leader, you will say: “Yes, I lead by using these 11 talk strategies….”

  • I KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE. One of my strongest assets is the ability to quickly observe how different people are motivated. I approach people in a manner that makes sense to them.
  • IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE…IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE. The smartest people often have their heads in the clouds, and they don’t always get it. They don’t know how to adapt to people by keeping their feet on the ground and using their Emotional I.Q.
  • CONNECT WITH PEOPLE. I usually know what makes people tick (or ticked off), so I can address each person as an individual.
  • BE A JUGGLER. I manage people by staying focused on the balls in the air that are central to success.
  • SELF-EVALUATE. Ensure that your people are vested in projects, to the point of grading their performance on a personal report card, just as I do.
  • CHANGE. If I screwed up yesterday, I can’t go back to fix it, but I sure can do something about it today. Successful people change what isn’t working.
  • CORRECTIVE COMMUNICATION. When you use corrective communication, your team anticipates sending their leader input about what isn’t going well and what can be done to correct the shortcomings.
  • MANAGE THE BOSS. No need to pat yourself on the back as a team player. There may not be an “I” in TEAM but there is an “I” in WIN. Keep your eyes on the prize. Produce the results that are stated in the project goals…or you can wait for my first-thing phone call.
  • MAKE PEOPLE FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. I’ve gotten past being labeled as ‘mean’ when I’ve thrown out bad apples or pointed out that we’re harvesting the wrong orchard. People grow from being uncomfortable.
  • LOOK SERIOUS. I don’t exactly walk around with a smile on my face all day long, so people perceive me as unapproachable. You are probably labeled as arrogant, especially if you are shy and you generate decent results.
  • I’M NOT EGOTISTICAL. I love to solve problems by envisioning what needs to happen differently in the future, and I’m good at it. I’m not good at dishing out praise.


If you like to set the standard…if WIN is your middle name…if you prefer to work smart while motivating your people to work really hard…if you are a results-driven nut…if you are envied…if some people don’t appreciate your honest feedback…if you are perceived as being relentless…if you have been accused of being moody or controlling…and especially if you’re CHARASMATIC even when you don’t think so…then let’s talk about rocket-boosting your communicator style.

By blending your natural Instigator style with an Empathizer leadership style, your team productivity will soar as positive communication fans out throughout the ranks, and your winning team finds new ways to solve sizable problems using TALK2ME© tools.

DR. DENNIS O’GRADY is the developer of the TALK2ME© communication system. He is a clinical psychologist who specializes in corporate training and couple counseling.

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