New Insights Communication Poll: Are Men Or Women Better Communicators?

Media stories focusing on interpersonal communication issues often imply that women are far better and more effective communicators. The assumption is that women are more savvy at relationships and have some kind of secret communication prowess.  But is this true for people who walk down the streets called Real Relationships?  Moreover, is the assumption that women are better communicators slanted simply because many of the articles are written by women (perhaps with an ax to grind) or men who must tow the party line?  This survey suggests that many of us are working on becoming better communicators, and feel frustrated when we fail to communicate…no matter our gender bias.

More to the point, if you were given only three choices, which gender (if any) would you say is a better communicator?  What do “normal” people like you and me, people who work for a living and raise kids in a brave new techno-world, really think about who’s doing a better job at positive communication?

In a weekly New Insights Communication reader poll at, intelligent people like you and me gave these real-life answers to the very real question, “Are men or women better communicators?”



3.  BOTH ARE THE SAME:  29.41%

DISCUSSION: Well, I was surprised and my scientific spirit soared when I reviewed these results.  I thought women would wipe us men off the map with the often-perceived superior skills of communication.  But almost a third of responders said both genders are about equally good at the act of talking!  That might mean that we all have a thing or three to learn about becoming more open, effective, productive and positive communicators!  Or it might mean that we voted with our genetic code, since I don’t have a list of voters-to-votes-cast by gender.  No worries, mate!  You will find “PosiTalker” communication tools and tips on this Web page to spruce up your “good” communication skills and make them better…and even to become a great communicator today!

Thanks to all you intelligent readers who took time to honestly register your vote on my site.  My CommTools are designed to serve as a beacon of light in a world that is sometimes dark and devoid of laughter.  Vote next week, please!

Dr. Dennis O’Grady originally did newspaper reader surveys in conjunction with the Dayton Daily News.  Dennis is the author of TALK TO ME:  Communication Moves to Get Along with Anyone.  You can download a free copy of chapter one and much more neat stuff at his site

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