When working with teenagers in trouble, I often ask them to make a list of the traits that make up an optimistic vs. a pessimistic person. As you know, mood dictates reputation, attitude altitude, opportunities realized, leadership discipline, and many, many more very cool life outcomes.


This teen was 14 and an Instigator-type introvert, or ITI, nicknamed an Inventor in the TALK2ME system. Inventors amplify their mood and the mood of others by 10. In an optimistic climate, that’s optimism times 10. In a pessimistic climate, it’s pessimism times 10. No middle ground or in-between. My job was to convince this teen to travel down Optimism Road. Which road are you traveling on today, by the way?


Do you walk the talk of optimism? Here’s the awesome list of an optimist our teen devised:
•    Thinks of others
•    Honest
•    Trustworthy
•    Honors self and others
•    Good reputation
•    Always there to help
•    Always 100%
•    Faithful
•    Has respect for others and for self
•    Helps charities
•    Always appears to be happy
•    Makes others happy
•    Never judges others
•    A good role model
•    Friendly
•    Takes responsibility for self
•    Never takes the easy way out
•    Acceptance of self and others
•    Someone to count on
•    Never disobeys authority
•    Intelligent
•    Helpful
•    Dependable


Are you going to zoom with a positive mood or create doom with a negative one? “I want these traits that my grandpa showed, to carry on through me,” said our teen. What a great honor. Now it’s your turn to decide what kind of leader you will become.

About Dr. Dennis O’Grady

Talk Doc Dennis O’Grady is the researcher and developer of the TALK2ME© communication system that has been tested and proven in private practice, corporate settings, and executive leadership applications.

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