Talk-Team Mood


What’s the mood tone of your team at work? Grumpy, frazzled, sad, apprehensive, glad? Teams who talk about moods consciously boost output. You, too, are a mood-maker or a mood-breaker. The choice is yours.


I worked with one team which acknowledged their individual and collective strengths. The following list illustrates how this loss-experienced team stood shoulder-to-shoulder to create the mood of their team. Talk-Team Mood demonstrated…

  • Multiple personality expertise
  • A “My door is half-open” vs. “My door is half-closed” attitude
  • Multi-cultural appreciators
  • Mentoring empowerment
  • Being an informational hub
  • That all people are unique Empathizer or Instigator communicators
  • Role modeling positive attitudes during defeat
  • Supporting others by allowing dumping of feelings without dumping on others
  • Spreading around a Mood of Trust
  • Humorous dedication…dedication to using humor to relieve stress
  • Getting a grip on differing viewpoints without driving a wedge
  • Problem-fixers and change-experts
  • Minding the Mood Store…don’t spread around a bad mood like manure
  • Being flexible dressers: Wear different hats during the day
  • Being accomplishers who get the “to do” list (DO)NE
  • How to make everyone on the team feel important
  • How to help anyone up who has been knocked down
  • Being great Calmers of Apprehensions
  • Following the Fairness Doctrine (Do as I do, not as I say you should do.)
  • Applying the Golden Rule
  • Being fearless: Don’t fear change…March off the map into the unknown
  • An atmosphere of encouragement to be A Bringer of Peace
  • Guts galore: “I’ll go to bat for you.”
  • Unifiers: “Let’s connect tunnels to the silos and not be so self-absorbed”
  • How to Listen Up: Take the pulse…Listen…Put your listening ears on…Be flexible…Collaborate for change
  • Going the extra mile with a smile on
  • Volunteerism: A good work ethic
  • Open-mindedness: “We’re just here to talk” attitude
  • Who’s #1: “We’re all 1-team!”
  • “Hands on” support for different types of people
  • Provide supportive…safe…sacred space
  • How to Navigate the Mood of The Organization
  • Being a good sport: “I’ll be back…” movie impersonations
  • Being People Lovers
  • Being cultural integrationists
  • “Less butt touches on chairs…” AKA don’t waste customer time
  • Customer Focus: “Make it easy…quick…painless…appreciated”
  • Ways to reduce friction and frustration wherever you go
  • How to relieve disheartenment by spreading around a Mood of Hope
  • Always using courtesy and respect, no matter what you’re getting back
  • Valor: “We live these values because this is who we truly are.…”
  • Simplification: Get back to what’s working when what you’re doing isn’t working
  • Being a strong Pillar of Honest and Effective Communication
  • Devotion
  • Putting salve on a pervasive sense of loss and grief

Do you use strength-focused Mood Talk to make the best lemonade out of bad times that ordinarily put you in a sour mood? I’ll bet you do, using Mood Management Tools.


Team Drive is impacted by intersecting organizational issues such as:

► staffing

► budgetary constraints

► integration of departments

► effective communication regarding change

► mood

You can choose your mood. Mood spelled backwards spells D-O-O-M…but only if you allow it to.

Dr. Dennis O’Grady is a Dayton psychologist, family business consultant and marriage counselor. Dr. O’Grady can be reached at (937) 428-0724.

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