Developer of The TALK2ME© Communication System

Are these questions or comments you have heard or perhaps thought yourself?

…AND many more.

That’s where the TALK2ME© system comes in and can help resolve these conflict points.  Decision makers hire me because of my research proven communication tools which rapidly resolve these conflicts.

The result of effective communication? Proven Profitability! I customize business programs for customer-centered communication. Past programs designed and developed for major corporate clients have resulted in supervisors, managers and executives elevating their communication strengths. Learning how to push leadership down the ranks through positive and effective communication awareness and education is the way that leaders lead by example. Let me empower your leaders with my innovative roadmap of communicator types (which one are you?) to build a climate of trust and respect in your organization.

Give your employees every chance to succeed–their success becomes the future for your company.

[Please note: This site is designed for Dr. Dennis O’Grady’s corporate consulting and not for his personal relationship counseling and coaching psychotherapy practice. If you personally desire to pump up your mood and reinforce positive changes, please call Dr. O’Grady at (937) 428-0724 to receive a free 15-minute phone consultation.]

May Blessings of Better Communication Abound!

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